Finsburey Management Services Ltd is duly licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius as a management company to provide corporate and trust services. Driven by dynamic, qualified and experienced professionals in the Global Business Sector, we deliver tailor made solutions to our clients, based in different geographical locations and operating in diverse industries, to achieve their goals and optimize their benefits

We specialize in the formation and structuring of offshore companies, trusts, and fund vehicles. We are based in Mauritius and have dedicated resources in South Africa, United Kingdom, Dubai, Seychelles, Hong Kong and Singapore. Additionally, through our international network of partners, including law firms and independent financial advisors, we also have access to services in many other financial centres and markets.


We specialise in the formation and structuring of offshore companies, trusts, and fund vehicles.


Mauritius Global Business Licence (GBC) Companies are  resident in Mauritius for tax purposes  and can benefit from various non double taxation treaties which Mauritius has entered into with several countries.

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Mauritius Authorised Companies (AC) not being resident for tax purposes has no access to the network of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties of Mauritius. An AC is a suitable vehicle for activities such as …

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Mauritius is a preferred jurisdiction for most types of fund structures including Listed Funds, Hedged Funds, Property Funds and Private Equity Funds. Funds registered with the FSC in Mauritius are incorporated …

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A trust can only be created by an instrument in writing which should state its object, subject, intention and duties and powers of the trustees.Mauritian legislation allows for the creation of various types of Trusts …

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We work in conjunction with your advisors on the development and implementation of any new strategy, leading to a mutually agreed approach to your needs.

Corporate & Trust Services

For all your international company and trust registration needs, Finsburey provides a comprehensive range of corporate administration and advisory services that will allow you to meet your statutory requirements whilst you remain focused on your core activity.

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Investment Dealer

There is a growing demand for the Mauritius Investment Dealer Licences by the global brokerage community. The main legal framework within which an Investment Dealer Licence can operate is defined by The Mauritius Securities Act 2005 and the Securities Licensing Rules 2007.

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Fund Formation & Administration

At Finsburey we provide one-stop fund administration to hedge funds, property funds and private equity clients. Our clients range from fund managers, investment advisers and high-net worth individuals to corporates, development finance institutions and institutional investors.

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Investment Adviser

The Investment Adviser Licence has numerous advantages particularly for investors managing Offshore Funds and Fund sponsors with offshore funds set up worldwide. The Investment Adviser is regulated under the Securities Act 2005 and The Securities Regulations 2008 …

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Tax Planning & Structuring

We endeavour to provide our clients with the most effective tax solution through proper planning then assisting with the setup process to establish the correct structure, and can provide a full management service to meet the statutory requirements of the structure.

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Working & Living In Mauritius

Mauritius is a safe and peaceful island, blessed with a tropical climate, lovely beaches, and hospitable people from a mix of various cultural traditions. Equally important Mauritius has now become an unavoidable location for those willing to do and thrive their business

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