Accounting & Tax Services

Finsburey offers bookkeeping and accounting services to all its in-house clients which allows them to focus on their core business. Accounting records are updated electronically on a regular basis. Finsburey also undertake the preparation of the annual financial statements, Value Added Tax (VAT) return, Advance Payment System (APS) of Tax return and Annual Tax Return plus other statutory returns where necessary to the relevant authorities.

Financial Statements are compiled on quarterly or semi-annual or annual basis, on the basis of information Finsburey holds and / or which clients may provide. All financial statements are prepared in conformity with the Mauritius Companies Act 2001 and the International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”). Any other ad hoc financial reports can also be produced subject to agreement between both parties.

It is good to note that the responsibility and obligation to prepare financial statements lies with the directors of the Company in compliance with section 210 of the Companies Act 2001 as per below:

Section 210 Obligation to prepare financial statements

The Board of every company shall ensure that within 6 months after the reporting date of the Company, financial statements that comply with Section 211 are:

  • completed in relation to the Company reporting date;
  • dated and signed on behalf of the Board by two directors of the Company or, where the Company has only one director, by that director

For completion of the assignment in a timely manner, Finsburey liaises with its clients on a regular basis to clear any accounting queries and seek any supporting documents for audit compliance.