Freeport Company

The Mauritius Freeport is a duty-free logistics, distribution and marketing hub for the region. Logistics and warehousing facilities are readily available for the transhipment, consolidation, storage and minor processing of goods.

A Freeport Company is incorporated and registered under the Companies Act 2001 and which holds a Freeport licence issued by the Board of Investments. The Company needs to have a minimum of one shareholder and no minimum capital is required for setting up the Company.

Freeport Companies must also be registered with the customs department at the computer section to submit electronic declarations for the movement of goods to and from Freeport zone

The excellent infrastructure and efficiency in customer relationship has played an important part in the continuing growth and success of the Mauritius Freeport.

Activities allowed by a Company holding a Freeport Licence
  • Warehousing & storage.
  • Breaking Bulk.
  • Sorting.
  • Grading, Cleaning and Mixing.
  • Labelling, Packing, Repacking, and Repackaging.
  • Minor Processing and Light Assembly.
  • Ship building, repairs and maintenance of ships and aircrafts.
  • Storage, maintenance and repairs of empty containers.
  • Export and Re-export oriented airport and seaport based activities.
  • Freight Forwarding.
  • Quality Control and Inspection Services.
A liberal & attractive package of incentives

The Freeport legislation provides for a liberal and comprehensive package of both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for companies looking for a cost-effective logistics platform.

  • Zero percent corporate tax
  • Preferential market access
  • Exemption from customs duties on all goods imported into the Freeport zones
  • Free repatriation of profits
  • Access to offshore banking facilities
  • Reduced port handling charges for all goods destined for re-export
  • Hundred per cent foreign ownership
  • Up to Fifty per cent of re-export value to the local market